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The official blog of the 18th European Conference on Personality wich will take place in Timisoara-Romania, between July 18th and 23rd, 2016.
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Dear all,

I hope you had a nice evening and a relaxing night in Timisoara.
In the meantime, the Organizing Team received a couple of messages regarding the typo errors identified in the printed version which were handed over to you already and/or tohose found inside the digitally versions published on the official website of the conference.

Due to the fact that we, all, tried to make as few mistakes as possible, this morning (July 20th 2016, 10:30 AM) the content of the ECP 18th main publications have been updated / corrected.

In order to read the latest versions of these materials, please consider downloading them from the mentioned bellow links:

--> The Program Book
--> Detailed Scientific Program+the Program Book+the Conference Timeline

If, somehow, you identifiy or you encounter problems with the content of the ECP18 informational materials (analogue or digital) please drop me a note on this blog. I will gladly assist you or at least I will do my best to correct them, as soon as possible. Staying accurate has to be one of our duties... :-)

Enjoy your stay and profit the most of the professional aopportunities this conference has to offer.
Doing so, will give us, the organizers, a great joy and satisfaction.

Dieter Penteliuc-Cotosman
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